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The Single Source for Your Solids/Solids and Solids/Liquids Screening & Separation Needs

With more than 15 years experience in the separation industry, Microner is a quality supplier of cost effective screening and separation equipment and is the industry leader of the World's first Circular Screener Visual Basic software program. This program quickly calculates the screening area required for any particle separation application.


Gyro Screen

The DW Screen is simple in construction with no moving parts and removable screen panels. The slurry is fed into the bottom of the headbox. This eliminates the feed turbulence and the flow fluctuation similar to an equalization basin. The slurry overflows from the head box onto an inclined deck where fibers orient themselves in the direction of flow and a critical separation velocity is reached.

The slurry from inclined deck then passes over a curved or flat profile wire screen deck. Due to the centrifugal force generated by the curved screen surface, the liquid passes through the screen at a higher capacity. However, for sticky material this curved surface may also cause solids to adhere to the screen surface resulting in screen blinding. Therefore, for sticky solids an inclined flat screen panel is recommended. In both screen panels, the solid particles are discharged from the lower edge of the screening deck by means of gravity.

Microner offers an adjustable screen deck angle feature to facilitate discharge of solid particles for both types of screen panel. The rule of thumb in choice of profile wire screen panel is that the screen opening should be twice the minimum particle size which is to be separated.

* Removable Screen Panels, Easy Cleaning
* No Spare Parts
* High Capacity
* Custom Modular Design
* Ease of Installation & Maintenance

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Gyro Screen

ADVANTAGES OF microner circulatory gyratory screens, spare parts & modular components
* Epoxy Mounted Screens
* Longer Screen Life
* 24-hour delivery available on Spare Parts


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